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  1. Donna G says:

    What a great service. They did my lab orders right in my home. It was wonderful, very experienced, very polite. My doctor received my results the very next day. Highly recommend them. Donna G

  2. Sara L. says:

    This is a great company. When I had my blood drawn I did not feel a thing. I would recommend this company to everyone. What a great experience. The Phlebotomist are caring and professional. Thank you so much. Sara L.

  3. James R says:

    I am very impressed how professional and caring this company is. They arrived on time and process was seamless. Very comfortable and saved me a lot of time. I am very very pleased. I am going to use them for all my future lab work. James

  4. Barbara C. says:

    This is the most fantastic service and should be considered by everyone. Very caring professionals who make this easy. I highly recommend Unique Lab Services!!

  5. Kathy says:

    This was the best experience having my labs done ever. This company is amazing. Came to my home and saved me a trip. Love it…..

  6. Heather G says:

    A wonderful and convenient service! I work very early mornings and they are still able to come before I have to leave for work, very quick service, done in less than five minutes, very professional!

  7. Kimberly says:

    I recommend Unique Lab Services to our clients at Amada Senior Care! The team is kind, patient, and meets the needs of our clients who need labs done. Thank you Unique Lab Services for serving seniors!

  8. Annette M says:

    Words cannot express my gratitude to Josh and Gary with Unique Labs. I am considered a difficult case but their kindness, compassion, skill and expertise along with their humor made it totally bearable for me. I cannot recommend them enough! Unique labs is perfect for those “difficult cases” or if you just want the convenience and comfort of having your blood drawn at home/office. Josh is very good at what he does! I have put this off for years and thanks to Josh, Gary and Unique Labs the next time I need this done I won’t put it off. Thank you!!!

  9. Jenny B. says:

    Unique Lab services has provided in-home services to my sister-in-law for the past several months and we have been extremely pleased with the caliber and compassion of the staff, as well as the skill of the technicians. Gary has been wonderful to work with, as well. The staff are truly angels. We can’t thank everyone at Unique Lab Services enough!

  10. Mary S. says:

    I have my blood work done every 3 months for over 14 years. I had to go to labs all over the place. I have been to labs that were cold, unfriendly, unprofessional and the worse painful so I stopped going. About a year ago I started with Unique Lab Services. Josh came to my home and drew my blood; he is very caring, warm, friendly, professional and the best part NO PAIN. I love that I can call and make an appointment unlike the lab near me. I can be comfortable and enjoy the fact that I am once again having my blood draw. Josh, Jamie and Gary are so understanding and wonderful. I also had a fear that my medical insurance would not work with them or I would have to pay much higher co pay. NOT at all true. They copy your insurance card and that’s it. Gary does all the work for you. If you have not tried them, you must!!!! This company is a god sent. Thank You, you guys are the best!!!!

  11. Lee says:

    A while back my doctor told me I needed to have fasting lab work done. Of course I agreed, took them home and asked my wife to make me an appointment. Like so many people in today’s world I work 10 or more hours a day. There is no lab open at 6am to have a working person come in and have labs done. The earlist I could go was 7:30am, this means at least 4 hours off work. Weeks had pasted when my wife told me that the doctor had mentioned a company called Unique Lab Services that will do your labs at your home or office. She had called and made appointment for them to come to our home very early at 6:30am to do my labs. Josh showed up on time, he was friendly and professional. Josh copied my insurance card and about 15 to 20 minutes later he left. The whole process was easy, clean and painless. I will use them again and have a few friends that are planning on having Unique Lab Services do any lab work they may need. Thank You guys for having the insight to start this very needed company.

  12. Annette J says:

    Gary personally handled my request for an appointment. I was happy to be able to send him all my insurance info via email, and for my son as well. He contacted all our doctors that were requesting our blood work and got all the orders. Then, he called us and set an appointment up for someone to come by. We were so happy to have Beatrice as our phlebotomist! She had a lot of experience and we DID NOT FEEL the needle, she is that good! Beatrice was actually very humorous, too. She had a warmth about her that made her a perfect rep for this company. I wish them all the success in the world! Great experience!

  13. Jestine W says:

    Very well written story. It will be useful to anybody who utilizes it, including me. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

  14. Christie S. says:

    The service was exceptional!! Yolanda was very professional and so nice. I will use this service every time.

  15. Mary Stauber says:

    Today I got a call from our family doctor. He stressed the importance of a lab test being done ASAP. I said I would get it done and immediately called Gary at Unique Lab Services. Within less two hours the lab order had gone from the doctors office to Gary, to Kathy the technician who went to my husband’s place of employment and drew his blood. He never had to take time off from work to go have a blood draw pick up lab orders or even be bothered by it all. He said Kathy didn’t even hurt him! So my personal thank you to Kathy. Without having a facility that would go find him, draw his blood and get it taken care of he would have had to try to get time off from his job which is never easy for anyone. So one more time thank you Gary Jamie and Josh and especially Kathy for doing a fantastic job. If you haven’t gone to unique labs and you’re looking at this review I give you my personal recommendation, they are phenomenal .

  16. Dorothy W says:

    If you want to have a wonderful experience having your labs drawn, call Unique Labs. I have had them draw my blood several times and every time has been a pleasant easy one. Today I just called to have a special test done and it reminded me how kind, courteous, and professional everyone in the organization is. I would not think of having my labs done any other way. And THEY bill insurance.

  17. Janet Buol says:

    When you become ill and home bound life changes in so many ways. Having a lab service come to you is amazing but they are not all created equal. Having used probably most in our area, have to say that Unique Lab is a true stand out. The staff that comes are amazing and painless. Would most definitely recommend them!!

  18. Linda Howell says:

    My mother is elderly and has health concerns that require regular blood draws. She is 93 and going to have her blood drawn became very stressful for her. Having a service such as this has made her life so much easier. The employees have been professional and she trusts them. They also draw her blood quickly and virtually painlessly.

  19. Tracy says:

    So often people are quick to complain, but when someone does a good job we are silent. I wanted you to hear a good story today!!

    I had Kathryn as my mobile phlebotomist this morning. She was on time, pleasant, and oh so fast!! I always get nervous about lab tests because I have had phlebotomists digging for gold in my arm before and the pain was excruciating. Kathryn did an outstanding job.

    So thank you!! This was the first time I used your service and I never want to go stand in line at a lab, wait forever and then have newbies hurt me to take my blood. You have an outstanding service, and I am very, very grateful!!


  20. Donna Brown says:

    Can you please forward the following to the appropriate person/department, as well as extend my greatest appreciation to Maura.
    I would like to commend Maura Smith for her outstanding service. She was very friendly, caring, organized and efficient. I had several tubes of blood drawn yesterday and she did a great job…ensured that I was comfortable and doing ok throughout the entire process. Maura also followed up with me later in the day to ensure I was ok, and to let me know that everything was good and that the lab had everything they needed. We need more Maura’s in this world! 

    Also, I’m very happy that this service was recommended to me….it’s great! Since I am unable to drive due to my illness this was perfect, as I did not have to arrange for anyone to take me to the lab. As well as, having so much blood drawn it was nice to be home.

    Thank you,
    Dawn Brown

  21. GENE A. says:

    I had this lab come to the house to perform a blood draw. My veins are hard to locate by most people. The tech was able to locate and draw from a good source without difficulty. I am sold on this lab. What a great service for wheelchair confined patients!

  22. Ione LeMay says:

    I was so impressed with Suzanne from Unique Labs Services today. I am well able to go to any lab, but due to my husband having COPD I chose this lab as I didn’t want to bring home the virus to him. Suzanne was so professional and friendly. I am a “hard draw.” She didn’t have any problems. I will gladly refer this company and use them again.

  23. Janice Stromseth says:

    Maura came to my home to do blood draw. You have to use my left
    hand only. Most of the time, it is very difficult, but Maura assured me
    that she would not have a problem and she was right. Very easy, no
    bleeding or bruising.

  24. Rick Angel says:

    Great service. Bud comes to the house and gives painless draws Highly recommended this very professional service

  25. Diana Keras says:

    This service saved me from seeking wheelchair transport to a lab. The specialist was fully masked and gloved. He was respectful of my hearing difficulty. Highly recommended.

  26. Kathleen Desmond says:

    Unique Labs provides a much needed service. Today I had blood drawn by Lisa, a phlebotomist, She was very professional. I appreciate the service that Unique Labs provides. Thank you!

  27. Roger M says:

    What a wonderful service. I have used Unique Lab Services a few times and they the best. They communicate with you before the appointment and show up on time. This morning, I realized that I needed some lab work done today and I was accommodated. Hallelujah! Sylvia Grandales was my phlebotomist. She was pleasant, professional, courteous, fast and painless. My results will be available for my upcoming doctor’s appointment. Perfect transaction! Thank you Unique Lab Services for being so helpful and dependable.

  28. Sydnie Smith, LPN says:

    Lisa, our phlebotomist is an absolute gem! She is responsive to our needs and does her absolute best to give us A++ service!

    Thanks for all your hard work Lisa!


  29. Carla T says:

    Lisa was always prompt and professional. Always hit her mark/my vein on the first attempt. And came to my house.

  30. Chuck Whitacre says:

    Good morning, wanted give a shout out to Lisa our phlebotomist. She was professiona,caring and hardly noticed the needle. Thank you Lisa it was a great experience.
    Sincerely Chuck Whitacre

  31. LARRY FORD 5/24/1942 says:


  32. Jean says:

    Unique Lab Services is the best thing to happen to me in 2020. With the onset of the pandemic, I told my doctor I was not comfortable going to the lab. Nor was she comfortable with me doing that either. She referred my lab order to Unique Lab Services. My interactions with everyone there have been so positive. They ‘live’ customer service. Their staff is responsive and always make me feel like I am their most important customer. The phlebotomists who have come to my home are kind, caring and friendly. Thank you for eliminating the stress of labwork! Keep up the great job!

  33. Harriett Grau says:

    I had a doctor’s appointment on November 19. He recommended your services. On Sunday, November 22 I got a phone call for an appointment on Monday morning because I had to fast for my blood work. Lisa came around 8 am. When she took my blood, I barely felt the needle. Sometimes I bruise easily, but not this time. She was very professional. I will use your services again!! Then on Wednesday, my doctor’s nurse called with the results. A wonderful experience!!

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Providing a mobile service in the comfort of our client's home or work place allows our clients to feel more comfortable while having their phlebotomy needs met. It is with our caring compassion and professionalism that has allowed us to earn the respect and admiration of clients. About Us »

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